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About the SDEHA



Our founding document



  Rules of the association

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The SDEHA was founded and organized in 1947 as an independent and voluntary organization.  Since SDEHA’s founding, the field of environmental health has been ever-changing, but the organizations central goals have remained the same. These goals include assisting in the scientific and academic advancement of persons engaged in environmental and health careers. Additionally, the association provides a forum for the consideration of health and sanitation related concerns involving employees in the health arena. Another goal is to protect, improve, and maintain the health and environmental safety for all residents and visitors of South Dakota. 

The association is in a position to educate and assist our communities with health and environmental issues.  As an association we are always looking to increase and diversify the membership to include students, industry, and academic professionals. Membership is open to anyone who works or has an interest in environmental health, public health or any related fields. Please take this opportunity to join SDEHA!

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